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Qantas A380 lands at Ontario, CA

It appears that fog at LAX caused a number of planes to divert to the smaller Ontario Airport, including a QF A380. The cause it seems is the works that are being undertaken at LAX which prevents plans from seeing the cranes in use when there is fog. Following the link to watch the video…

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UK news roundup

BBC reports pilots fall asleep in London area Following a Freedom of Information request, the BBC is reporting that on two separate occasions pilots have fallen asleep over London. Report here. The first – in 2010 apparently was whilst the plane was on the ground, on a turnaround. In 2011, a pilot had to use an emergency…

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oneworld MEGADO 2012 – last day – Hotel/Check-in/Plane(s) – A travellers typical day (not!)

The last Day of the MegaDO was neatly split between three activities – a tour of the Hyatt, a visit to the new  and very exclusive check-in for American’s best passengers at LAX and a visit to the LAX Museum and on board two aircraft. Tour of Hyatt Century Plaza A much larger group than…

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