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oneworld MEGADO 2012 – last day – Hotel/Check-in/Plane(s) – A travellers typical day (not!)

The last Day of the MegaDO was neatly split between three activities – a tour of the Hyatt, a visit to the new  and very exclusive check-in for American’s best passengers at LAX and a visit to the LAX Museum and on board two aircraft. Tour of Hyatt Century Plaza A much larger group than…

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The delAAy that became a pAArty! – oneworld MEGADO 2012 – Seattle to LAX

After arriving at Sea-Tac airport we were ushered up to a special TSA checkpoint for processing. This was the most amazing experience – helpful, friendly, even jokey TSA agents help us through their process. One held my bin whilst I got myself ready for X-ray (no back scatter machines here!). Although I know a couple…

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