Caught up in BA’s IT fiasco yesterday? Don’t expect credit for missed flights

In a test of how BA are going to react to passengers whose flights were cancelled yesterday during BA’s IT meltdown, I sent an email this morning asking for original routing credit for the flight I missed. BA could not rebook me and have refused a refund as it was part of a transatlantic ticket.

BA’s prompt reply to my request for credit for the missed flight:

a black background with white text

It seems odd, bearing in mind that this wholly BA’s fault that they are not taking a more flexible approach to what, in effect, costs them nothing.

If this is an indicator EU261 compensation and recovery of additional costs will be ‘interesting’. Contrast this with the last major meltdown when impacted Exec Club members got extensions to their status!



  1. It’s all very well and good them saying “we’ll take this into consideration…” but that will probably require you having to message them, to & fro… wasting your valuable time.

    What it also means is that you’ll miss out on a chunk of Avios not crediting to your Lifetime Status.

    This really smacks of penny pinching and making something that should be seamless way more complicated than it should be. It’s a poor user experience – so much for Sean Doyle’s recent “we’re going to make thing so much better” email.

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