The delAAy that became a pAArty! – oneworld MEGADO 2012 – Seattle to LAX

After arriving at Sea-Tac airport we were ushered up to a special TSA checkpoint for processing. This was the most amazing experience – helpful, friendly, even jokey TSA agents help us through their process. One held my bin whilst I got myself ready for X-ray (no back scatter machines here!). Although I know a couple of people had issues, I really wanted to the compliment the TSA on providing SUPERB agents to process us. If they could be cloned and delivered to every US checkpoint I’d be happy!

Once we got to the gate, it was announced (to thunderous applause) that the meal service was being replaced by more drinks service and that we could help ourselves to snacks and muffins for the flight.

Boarding was effortless and everyone was ready to go.

Then the usual warning sign, known to every frequent flyer went off – the man in the ‘Aircraft Maintenance’ hi-viz jacket went to the cockpit!

So it turned out that we had a mechanical problem which they needed to fix and then sign off the paperwork.

In the meantime however, something extraordinary happened – everyone had fun! When was the last time you had fun during a delay?

Our fun was generated by a wonderful team of AA ramp and gate agents who quickly spotted that the flight was something special. Within a few minutes they had raided the galleys of inbound flight to keep the liquor carts full, someone had found several more bottles of champagne, and someone had even gone to the snack bar and procured sandwiches and pizza!  During this the staff produced AA hi-Viz jackets and hats which Tommy auctioned off for the charity.

Three hours when everything was fixed and we were ready to go, everyone was sad to leave the best ground crew we could ever have asked for.


  1. TSA at SEA is awesome. I’ve never had any complaints, although sometimes they don’t do a very good job of separating the business and elite travelers from the families.

  2. i saw bill gates last wednesday at seatac with his wife melinda, and he even accepted my request to have coffee with him at the starbucks, it was phenomenal. he was super nice by the way

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