oneworld MEGADO 2012 – last day – Hotel/Check-in/Plane(s) – A travellers typical day (not!)

The last Day of the MegaDO was neatly split between three activities – a tour of the Hyatt, a visit to the new  and very exclusive check-in for American’s best passengers at LAX and a visit to the LAX Museum and on board two aircraft.

Tour of Hyatt Century Plaza

A much larger group than expected opted for the morning walking tour of the hotel that we had all stayed at the night before. We were taken through the history of the property, how it was nearly demolished, and the famous people who had stayed there. We went through the underground link to the office building across the way and finally had a back-stage tour of the huge ballroom and the kitchen, where the resident star chef explained how it all operated. They can do up to 4,000 covers for a big event.

American Airlines Flagship Check-in

A very exclusive check-in, located between terminals 4 and 5 was introduced to MegaDO’ers. The entrance is shown below:

a group of people standing outside of a building

AA Flagship Check-in

Passengers eligible to use it are – F class on 3 class transcontinental domestic and international planes, Concierge Key and Five Star Service customers. VIPs seem to have access too. I cannot wait until my next AA flight from LA to make sure of this great service. There were suggestions it would come to other hub airports soon.

After the door is opened by the liveried doorman,  there is  a small check-in -2 desks- sleek modern design as shown below:

a close-up of a black device

The staff were also welcoming MegaDo’ers travelling over the weekend – which was very nice of them:

a woman standing next to a sign

The exit, leads to a lift right to the front of the security line – which also features the new TSApre service:

a person holding a cell phoneFlight Museum and Cathay / Qantas planes

The afternoon saw us once again on buses back to the LAX, but this time to the other side of the runway where this is a pretty good museum showing the history of air travel as it relates to LAX specifically. A large hot and cold food spread was laid on by the partner airlines with specialties from Hong Kong, Australia and the US featuring!

The organisers had managed to persuade Cathay to bring over one of the 777-300ER’s with the new business class seating.

a large white airplane on the tarmac

an airplane with rows of seats

New Cathay Business Class

We all had a chance to wander around the plane, try out the seats and even venture back to Economy before moving on to the Qantas A380:

a large white airplane with a ladder

This was the first time I had been on a QF A380, and only the second time on the A380 at all so it’s size continued to amaze me, as it did with many of my fellow visitors – it is a long way up those stairs!

a tv on the seat of an airplane

Qantas First

a person sleeping in an airplane seat

Qantas Business - proved to the lie-flat

an airplane with rows of seats

Qantas Coach

It appears that someone was a little nervous that we might all go mad and run on to the tarmac, so the LA Police were on standby. I’ve seen Southland!

a police car parked in a parking lot

A final picture or two:

an airplane engine on the ground

Clearly LAX!

a man standing in front of two airplanes

The event wound down as the sun set

After every one had been though the planes, eaten and drunk their fill, we returned to the buses – half going back to LAX for overnight stays at the airport and the other half going back to the Hyatt Century Plaza for one more night of the DO!

A great way to end the event!


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