UK news roundup

BBC reports pilots fall asleep in London area

Following a Freedom of Information request, the BBC is reporting that on two separate occasions pilots have fallen asleep over London. Report here.

The first – in 2010 apparently was whilst the plane was on the ground, on a turnaround.

In 2011, a pilot had to use an emergency code to get back in to the cockpit after a co-pilot fell asleep.

The NY Times is reporting the test flight of the 787

The report here states that Boeing operated a two hour test flight of its 787 to test the batteries following the recent groundings. The report highlights that Boeing has no plan ‘B’ should the modifications it has made fail to satisfy regulators. My first 787 flight was supposed to be a month from today, but that look doubtful now.

Sydney Morning Herald says Qantas is targeting UK customers with Emirates deal

SMH reports that visitor numbers to Australia from the UK have dropped 2.4% due to the high value of the Australian dollar and I would say, the dire economy in the UK. For me, it’s the madness of the cost of United’s fares to Oz that put a stop to my visits






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