Review: Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

Located near Gate 15, the Qantas Lounge at HKG has recently been remodelled. It is used by BA and Qantas. Of course, oneworld elite members often use the frankly nicer Cathay Pacific lounges.

At check-in, at the Hong Kong Airport Express station, I was given directions to the lounge. The easiest way is by turning right after Immigration. The entrance is on the same level as Immigration so don’t follow other passengers downstairs to the gates. Upon entering, the staff greeted me, checked my boarding pass and then directed me to the lounge. The previous incarnation of the lounge had a separate First Class section but this has been removed in the remodel. The area is vast and runs parallel with the gates. There are numerous different sitting areas, some with tables for eating, a bar, self service food and drink area, a kids play area and lots of comfortable seating.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

There were also several tables with restaurant-style ‘Reserved’ labels on them, but it was unclear who they were for. I had a feeling that they were being kept for First Class passengers in case the other seating areas became full, but never real saw any evidence of the this.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

When I arrived the lounge was fairly empty but steadily filled in preparation for the overnight flights to Australia and the two BA flights to London – currently an A380 and the later 777 flight.

The food was both hot and cold and featured local and international items.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

It wasn’t a wonderful range and there was no menu to order from – which makes it worse than the Concorde Room at Heathrow. The staff kept the food topped up so it was fresh.

The WiFi was strong and I was able to do some work.

There is a small self service coffee/soft drinks area right at the back if you want refreshment but don’t want to wait at the bar.

The comfy chairs are the same throughout the lounge and are un-moveable. The tables feature power sockets..

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

I did want to make a special mention for the Gents! It’s wonderfully designed, although not as nice as the Cathay one at The Pier, but the tiles, lights and general scheme is more interesting than the rest of the lounge.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

I left the lounge about fifteen minutes before boarding as you have to re-enter the terminal, go down the escalator and navigate the shops to get to the gates. There is no staircase to the main terminal gates from the lounge.

Overall, it’s a perfectly serviceable lounge. If you can obtain access to Cathay’s The Pier First Class it is a better experience – you can read my review here. The Hong Kong Lounge is not as nice as the Qantas First Class Lounge at LAX either.

It’s benefit – it’s near the departure gates that BA use.