Time to book premium cabin awards on American

On 22 March, i.e. a little short of a week’s time, American is processing a massive devaluation of its award chart for premium cabin awards. Want to fly and First or Business, get out diary and start booking.

Personally, over the last two days I have booked two Etihad awards in their First Class. One from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne on their 777 service and the other on the A380 from London to Abu Dhabi in The Residence. Apartment. This latter ticket is great value – just 40,000 AAdvantage points each way for an incredible experience.

You can change bookings for up to 12 months after the ticket is issued, so if you want a ticket for March next year, find space and book it, and hope to change it later. You can always redeposit the miles for $150 and take the devaluation.

BUT, if there is any chance of needing a premium award, get it booked this week.

AA 777 at LHR


  1. I’ve got many UK Amex points:

    Can I transfer these to AA at 1:1?
    Will I have time to transfer and book before devaluation?


  2. I think you mean “The apartment” Not the ” The Residence” -BIG BIG difference!

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