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Holiday Inn, Heathrow

Holiday Inn Heathrow Room

There are a number of Holiday Inn properties around Heathrow Airport. The one I usually use is properly called the Holiday Inn Heathrow and their web site is here. I stay as they have nicer rooms than the nearby Ariel, although the transport is more problematic if you plan to use the local buses within…

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IHG’s The Big Win for 2014 – Is Berlin the most cost effective place to complete your challenges?

If you are spending time over Christmas thinking about how to complete your IHG Big Win Challenge for Spring 2014 in a cost effective way, I am going to suggest Berlin as a possible destination. Why? Well first off the city offers a wide range of IHG Brands: 1 Intercontinental 1 Crowne Plaza 2 Holiday…

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Registration for IHG’s next ‘Big Win’ promo opens – 1/1/14 – 30/4/14

Intercontinental hotels has opened registration for their first quarter’s 2014 promo. Pretty much a repeat of the one running until 31 December, the targets are personalised based on previous stay history. If you complete them all you get double the bonus points earned. My offering is: 6 Nights – 8,800 points 4 Brands – 19,200…

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Holiday Inn, Cardiff

The second night of my weekend in Cardiff was at the Holiday Inn, Cardiff. A short (5 minute) walk from the Hilton that I reviewed yesterday. The property is also opposite the Castle, although I received a room overlooking the football ground and stadium. There was a queue of about 8 people and the line…

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