IHG’s The Big Win for 2014 – Is Berlin the most cost effective place to complete your challenges?


If you are spending time over Christmas thinking about how to complete your IHG Big Win Challenge for Spring 2014 in a cost effective way, I am going to suggest Berlin as a possible destination.


Well first off the city offers a wide range of IHG Brands:

  • 1 Intercontinental
  • 1 Crowne Plaza
  • 2 Holiday Inn Express
  • 2 Indigo
  • 7 Holiday Inns

Plus the room rates are pretty reasonable:

Weekend rates vary from EUR154 to EUR42 – and weekday rates are not that much more expensive.

Transport is easy and the properties are pretty near each other:

Berlin has a great Subway and Bus network with regular clean services which are safe to use. In addition it’s taxi’s are not costly by London or New York standards.


Other places to consider are Frankfurt ( 3 HI Express, 1 Crowne Plaza, 1 Intercontinental, 3 Holiday Inns ) but their weekdays rates can be more expensive than Berlin.

In the Koln/Dusseldorf area there is 1 Intercontinental, 2 Holiday Inns, 1 Indigo and 3 Holiday Inn Express) but they are split between the two cities so some train travel will be needed.

So you can consider a stay in a great city and complete your challenge at the same time. Some baggage handling required.