Registration for IHG’s next ‘Big Win’ promo opens – 1/1/14 – 30/4/14


Intercontinental hotels has opened registration for their first quarter’s 2014 promo. Pretty much a repeat of the one running until 31 December, the targets are personalised based on previous stay history. If you complete them all you get double the bonus points earned.

My offering is:

6 Nights – 8,800 points
4 Brands – 19,200 points
1 stay at the Best Flexible with Breakfast rate – 2,000
2 Saturday nights – 4,800
3 Holiday Inns – 5,600
Big Win Bonus is 40,000

Register here and find out your promo offer.



  1. Thanks for the heads up. Mine’s a little tougher this time around, with 8 nights needed, but the points earned from the last one have been of great use to me, so I will try to win big again!

  2. Mine is similar of the current Big Win, but i have to book using a mobile IHG app and i don’t have iphone or android, i see that IHG has a windows 8 application but i don’t know if that will count as a mobile app

  3. Thanks! Loving my new offer – should be able to get all 86,000 points this time. But I just read the T&C’s re my offer and I’m confused.

    On the main page it states: “Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotels and earn 12,000 points”. But clicking through to the T&C’s it states:

    “Must be an IHG® Rewards Club member and must register member number in advance to participate in this promotion. Number of bonus points or bonus miles listed above will be awarded after required number of qualifying room nights have been consumed by the member between January 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014 (both dates inclusive) at Holiday Inn Express® hotels hotels worldwide.”

    So which is it? Do I need to stay at HI hotels or HI Express hotels? Or does IHG consider them to be one and the same?

  4. My offer has 2 Holiday Inns for 4,200, however when I check the T&C it says Holiday Inn Express. Any idea which is correct?

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