What’s your Priority Club Set Your Sights offer?

54,000 points is mine but check-out some of the harder asks:

  • One stay of at least four nights
  • 10 nights over the period

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Plus this time you have to so all of the offers in order to get the extra bonus points, worth half of the entire points possible.

The offer runs 1 January to 30 April and is the first of the big chains to announce their Winter promos. Let’s wait for something more exciting shall we?



  1. Mine seems very high, given that I only just scraped through as Platinum for 2015 through the 4+ brands @ 40 nights route

    If I do all 6 offers, I get 50,000 bonus points. Doiung 5 of the 6 get me (additionally?) 10,100 points “Complete your achievement bonus”

    * 1000 points – earn when you redeem
    * 20,400 – earn more, stay more – 18 nights
    * 6,000 points – stay a little longer – 4+ night stay
    * 8,400 points – Saturday stay bonus – 3 weekends with a saturday night and one other
    * 2,100 points – Eat, Drink, Earn bonus – Spend USD $260 on food or beverages
    * 2,000 points – Get the IHG® Rewards Club Premimum Visa

    Given that I’ve had only 2 paid-for Saturday nights in the last year, plus one more reward night, and only about 30 paid nights (rest rewards), it seems like a pretty large stretch for a 4 month period, and I’m not sure I’ll manage any of them 🙁

  2. Mine seems attainable except for 1.

    50,000 possible bonus points
    *500 Custom Hotel Search
    *1,000 earn when you redeem
    *10,000 stay 9 nights
    *4,800 Saturday stays bonus – Stay 2 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night
    *5,000 – mini-vacation Book a mini-vacation package at a qualifying Holiday Inn Club Vacations (Probably will not do)
    *1,500 – Spend on IHG credit card
    *2,000 – Stay for less and earn – Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 stay(s) using Points and Cash
    25,200 bonus when completing 6 of 7

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