Grand Hyatt Berlin – When a ‘Suite’ is really a ‘Deluxe King’

Who would have thought that I would have to post again about Hyatt, so soon after my experience in Hamburg?

Several weeks ago my Private Line Agent made a reservation at the Grand Hyatt in Berlin and used one of my remaining upgrade certificates to confirm a suite. As usual this was a Grand Suite – pictures from Hyatt’s web site . I have had these rooms before when using upgrade certs and they are really very nice, spacious and have free alcohol and mini-bar. My reservation was amended to reflect the suite:

a white and black text on a white background

So imagine my surprise when I was given a room that I had never seen before. Semi-Separate sitting area but no free wine/spirit bar. When calling the front desk they said that it was a ‘Junior Suite’. Now that is not even a room type the Grand Hyatt Berlin lists, so I did some investigating. It turns out that I am in a Club Deluxe King. Pictures from Hyatt’s web site are here. You may notice how similar they are to my pictures:

a room with a tv and a table


The guy on Reception offered to refund my Suite Upgrade (before I realised that I was not really in a Suite), and to guarantee me a Grand Suite on my return in 4 weeks. So another disappointment with Hyatt.


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