Disappointment at Park Hyatt Hamburg

I have been a Diamond member of Hyatt Gold Passport for more than 10 years. About 2 years ago Hyatt relaunched the scheme with a host of extra benefits. I am a big fan of the scheme and usually enjoy upgrades to the Club Floor, free internet and a welcome amenity (or in the US some bonus points). Details of what’s on offer for Diamonds are at – http://goldpassport.hyatt.com/gp/en/benefits/membership_diamond.jsp

I would also add that I have stayed at the Park Hyatt in Hamburg several times. 21 times since 1999. I checked in last night (11 November) and have to say that with the exception of the free internet I got none of the benefits! Weird!

Anyway, on check-in I was given a “nice room” on the 6th floor. Well that was what the agent called it. The Grand Club (GC) is on the 7th floor and as the agent mentioned I would get breakfast tomorrow I assumed GC was closed or full. Checking the internet I found they were still selling GC rooms which I thought odd.

No Diamond Amenity arrived in my room, and whilst this is just usually three apples at this hotel it was a bit odd.

I went down for breakfast this morning but no one in Restaurant had any record of me having it included. I have up as the price was quite high.

At check-out I mentioned all this to the agents, who when they had looked at my record told me that I should just have gone up to the Grand Club. Well I am not about to be sent away – being English we have a dread of public embarrassments – so I mentioned the extra points. They declined these but could offer no explanation just – ‘Next time you come please just go up there! Not likely, and unlikely I will be back here.

It’s hard to imagine this is just a single rogue agent, after all she nearly had it right – refuse GC, offer breakfast and they have met their commitment under the little known section of the rules for Diamond –  During periods of high demand access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge may not be available; therefore, complimentary full breakfast for each registered guest and 2,500 bonus points will be given.


  1. But why didn’t you just ask. Even as you received your key card n noticed it wasn’t on club level why didn’t you confirm none was truly available?

  2. The fact that the hotel was selling them, but denying Diamond access to the room suggests that they consider the floor full. This is perfectly allowed and all they have to do is to pass on the 2,500 points. I assume, clearly wrongly, that the hotel knows what it’s doing.

  3. I stayed at the Park Hyatt Hamburg for the first time back in September. I had booked one award room and one revenue room upgraded to a suite with my Diamond suite upgrade. Both were on the 6th floor. Nothing about club access was mentioned.

    Silly me, I thought the bar on the lobby floor was the club as it was named something like Park Lounge. When the attendant presented us with a menu with prices way above what I was interested in paying for a coffee, I realized my mistake and asked where the club for Diamond members was to be found. She didn’t know, but asked a coworker and sent us to the 7th floor. We went up there, had our coffee and no one asked us for a room number or other “credentials”. Same with evening drinks or breakfast next few days.

    I am curious now — Is there anything different about the club floor rooms other than the more convenient access to the club?

    That said, the whole club thing lost some of its attraction when I watched an adult guest and her daughter fish olives out of the bowl with their hands with the attendant standing right next to them (and doing nothing). Yes, there were serving utensils available.

  4. @Oliver – no the Club Floor Room are pretty much the same as the others in the hotel. Just that they have access to the Grand Club.

  5. The best way to address this is to write a letter with what you described above to attention: consumer affairs at the Hyatt head office and send a copy of that letter attention:manager to the Hyatt in Hamburg. Include your Goldpoints number and email address. I expect you’ll receive a response from both making it right.

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