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Virgin limits access times at Euston Lounge

It appears that the refurbishment of the Virgin First Class Lounge which reduced the number of seats is causing overcrowding. Hence Virgin have reduced how long you can enter in advance of your train to 2 hours before departure (and one hour after arrival) unless you have one of their most expensive Anytime tickets. Between…

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VS43 Emergency Landing – YouTube footage from inside and outside the aircraft

VS43 Virgin’s Gatwick to Las Vegas flight, experienced a problem on take off yesterday with its undercarriage. After dumping fuel it returned to Gatwick to land. Apart from a spectacular landing yesterday from the pilot – after a little bounce on the runway – what is also interesting is that there is social media from…

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Virgin matches BA Seat Sale

I wrote yesterday about BA’s premium cabin seat sale from London, and today Virgin has matched. But for now I wouldn’t book anything until details of the BA sale from Dublin become clearer. There look to be a good number of bargains from there although not on Virgin. So if you like (love) their lounge…

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