VS43 Emergency Landing – YouTube footage from inside and outside the aircraft


VS43 Virgin’s Gatwick to Las Vegas flight, experienced a problem on take off yesterday with its undercarriage. After dumping fuel it returned to Gatwick to land. Apart from a spectacular landing yesterday from the pilot – after a little bounce on the runway – what is also interesting is that there is social media from inside the plane, and a ton of videos from outside showing approach and landing.

I have sifted through YouTube for you and offer the following:

Clearly showing the landing on only three sets of wheels this video has radio data overlaid:

You can see how close the engines came to the ground and how fast the emergency services go to the runway.

From inside the cabin there is about a minute and half of the crew preparing passengers for the landing:

I hope never have to go through myself!

The runway is now open but there are delays and cancellations resulting from the problems yesterday.


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