Looks like Flyertalk is going to get its ‘Like’ button

About a week ago I wrote about a proposal doing the rounds at Flyertalk – a like button. At that point the ‘No’s’ had it – as they say in the House of Commons. However, clearly a lot of FT members have been bored with their Christmas Gifts and the ballot is now going the other way:

29-12-2014 06-08-31

The people have spoken – or at least are speaking – and it’s going in favour of a Facebook-style ‘Like’ button.

If you are a member of Flyertalk and want your say you have about 2 weeks to register your opinion.


  1. The poll can switch back just as quickly as it switched the last time. We’re only halfway through the 30-day polling period. And it’s just a poll, not an election that will decide the matter. Consider for a moment how very few people have voted as a percentage of FlyerTalk’s registered users.

  2. @Bruce S – Indeed few people have voted which is why I am trying to whip up some interest in the poll. It’s a big issue and brave of TB members who vote in a way that does not support the outcome of the poll.

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