Virgin Atlantic launches new web site and lets you use miles for discount on cash ticket

Virgin Atlantic Website

Virgin Atlantic launched its new web site over the weekend and has enabled the functionality to secure a discount from a revenue ticket by using your Flying Club miles. Logging in to the new Virgin site required me to set up two security questions and gave me a new Flying Club number.

Unlike BA, Virgin allows a granular discount, the minimum unit of redemption is 1,000 with the smallest discount being £18 for 3,000 miles. You can cash in your whole balance if desired:

Virgin cash and points

When booking you need to take two steps.

  1. Select Pay with miles plus money when booking your trip – see below.Virgin Cash and Points
  2. Once the list of cabins and flights comes up look for those that offer this type of redemption – notably NOT Delta flights.2016-11-13_10-01-25

It’s pretty simple and a good way to get rid of miles.

Of course the web site has the increase redemption levels loaded which mean that I no longer have enough for an Upper Class roundtrip to the US West Coast. However, as American Express seems to be back as a transfer partner, I will move a few across later in the month. Note, however, that Amex has my old Flying Club number against my account, and the technology to support adding a new one was unavailable on the Membership Rewards site when I tried.

VS Amex Transfers

So, if you want to cash up and get out of Virgin, as I do. Now is your chance.


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