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LH discounted award tickets (Business & Economy) – Germany, USA, Japan/Korea until 16 March

Lufthansa have reduced the cost of some of their Miles&More award tickets to destinations in Germany from the UK. Also in the sale are flights to several USA destination – Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia. Business Class tickets to German destinations are 20,000 M&M points. Flights to the USA are 55,000 in Business. Also,…

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Lufthansa Business Class sale ex-UK, on sale until 2 Jan 13

Lufthansa’s web site has details of a ex-UK sale: Example from London: Conditions are as follows: Purchase by: 02.01.2013 Departure period: 23.03.2013-15.08.2013 Return period: 29.03.2013-15.11.2013 Not valid: 15.04.2013-30.06.2013 Minimum stay: 6 days. Maximum stay: 3 months. Subject to availability.   Books in to ‘P’ class which earns only 100% in Miles&More, but 150% EQM’s with…

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Lufthansa One Day Business/First Sale from London

A short time to book but a long time to travel! Conditions for this offer Purchase by: 14.11.2012 Departure period: 20.12.2012-05.04.2013 Return period: 23.12.2012-04.07.2013 Minimum stay : 3 days. Maximum stay : 3 months. Fares below: Abu Dhabi from £1,199* Bengaluru – Bangalore from £1,449* Beijing  from£1,599* Bogotá from  £1,769* Mumbai/Bombay  from £1,449* Buenos Aires …

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Lufthansa publishes Christmas and New Year promotional fares from UK

Lufthansa has just published it’s cheap Business Class fares for Christmas and New Year from the UK. You only have a week to buy them. Other conditions are: Purchase by: 28.09.2012 Departure period: 22.12.2012-06.01.2013 Return period: 25.12.2012-10.01.2013 Advance Purchase Period: 21 days Minimum stay: 3 days. Maximum stay: Travel must be completed by 10.01.2013. On…

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If Lufthansa cancels your flight – DON’T call the number in the text message

Lufthansa is having a strike by its flight attendants and tomorrow, 7 September will be the most disrupted day. It is also the day that I was supposed to fly from Copenhagen, via Frankfurt to San Francisco and Honolulu. The FRA-SFO was on an A380 which I was have never taken on a long flight and so wanted to check out. Knowing that there have been problems for a week or so, I added my mobile number to my LH booking. Just before bed I checked the LH web site and my flight wasn’t on the list of cancellations. In fact, at that point the list was suspiciously short. So when an hour later I got this text I was not suprised: So thinking the number supplied might be a special number for cancellations I had my phone dial the number. “This is neither a landline nor mobile number and you will be charged at £3.50 per minute” . So US$5 per…

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Lufthansa changes earning on discounted business fares / removes upgrade option from 1 September 2012

Major changes at Miles&More from 1 September for passengers on Business Class tickets. Details: Z class fares only earn 150% of flown miles and reduced amounts on shorter flights P class fares only earn 100% of flown miles No upgrades from P (immediately) or Z (1 September) fares to First Class. Particularly impacts Round-the-world tickets…

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