How much is LH Senator worth? EUR 2000 say LH

I recently dropped from LH Senator to Frequent Flyer status. LH wrote, enclosing my new card and offering a buy-off offer to get back to Senator.

EUR 2000 is too much for my wallet I am afraid.

a close-up of a letter


  1. I got this x 3 in my house. I can’t believe anyone goes for it. It’s not even a 2 year extension, only 1 year, and you get a soft landing to FTL anyway so you still get LH / LX lounge access.

    You’d assume LH has done the maths, but Euro 500 would be more sensible. Although, as Turkish gave me a Gold card for 2 years on the back of my BA Gold, I wouldn’t pay that either!

  2. In fact, thinking about it, I reckon you could get Aegean Gold for less than Euro 2,000 by booking a few flights to the right places in the right classes.

  3. How many flight segments to reach that status? To many, that would be reasonable if not able to fly much the next year while wanting to maintain status.

  4. Given the timing, is it safe to say the Senator status was a FB match in the first place? 😉

    2000EUR/year isn’t new for SEN, I believe it’s 800/year for FTL.

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