UK departure form now on line

In an attempt to further reduce passengers leaving the UK, the UK Government has made it a requirement from 8 March that travellers declare their reasons for travel. The list of valid reasons is very short:

  • work
  • volunteering
  • education
  • medical, or compassionate grounds
  • weddings, funerals and related events

The idea is that the form may be requested at your departure point and that there will be more Police roaming departure points and checking the form, and handing out fines if you don’t have it or your have lied on the form.

You can download the form and read more about the departure restrictions here.


  1. I mean, you can always volunteer at an orphanage for a day in between your Kenyan safari, or at an elephant camp in Thailand between beach time, or do a volunteer beach cleanup day in Cancun or Punta Cana. Should be fine and truthful to fill it out that way.

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