Heathrow’s COVID partner quietly increases cost of tests

Some months ago Heathrow Airport partnered with Collinson to provide testing at the airport. Located in the terminals at T2 and T5. Another provider offers test in a Car Park on the Bath Road. At the terminals customers can book a range of tests.

I was due to take my Test-to-Release test this morning at 7am having pre-booked. There was a huge queue of people waiting for their appointments but with 8 testing stations in full operation the queues were moving fairly quickly.

What I did notice was that the cost of tests seem to have gone up since the last time I used them before Christmas.

Current prices are:

a screenshot of a computer


The process involves getting past the sentry at the entrance to the barriers where they check that you have an appointment. The check-in agent then requests your email and passport, as well as payment. Payment is by credit card only. Your test is then confirmed by country to make sure the correct one is ordered.

As a Test-to-release, I was asked to confirm when I got back to the UK and where I had come from and this was verified as not being a red list country and that I had been isolating long enough.

You are then handed bar codes for your sample and advised that the results can take 24 hours.

You are directed to a cubicle and the person who is undertaking the test then greets you and explains what is going to happen. The procedure is then undertaken – up the nose swap in my case – and you are released with a reminder that 24 hours may elapse before you get the results.

So, I’m not waiting to see if I can go home today.