AA offers At-Home COVID test for 12,000 AAdvantage Miles

American Airlines are offering to exchange 12,000 AAdvantage Miles for a test-at-home COVID test from LetsGetChecked. I’ve used this service before it’s ok, but can be a little tricky as it depends on courier and processing times. With most destinations requiring tests 72 hours before departure, I found that one test I did missed this window and so was useless.

I think this only works in the US, which could be useful if you need/want to test whilst in the US.

The tests are normally $109 including delivery and collection/despatch. There is a partnership with KAYAK where using their name in the promo code box reduces the cost to $88.29

The test is taken during a video call with one of the LetsGetChecked team observing you taking the test. The sample is then batched up and delivered to a UPS office, deposit box or partner location. The sample arrives at the lab the next day, and the results are published that day.

AA explains its offer:

Starting Feb. 25, AAdvantage® members can redeem miles to order an at-home COVID-19 testing kit through LetsGetChecked, one of American’s testing partners. The pre-flight testing program covers nine countries and any U.S. city, state or territory that has COVID-19 travel restrictions.

American’s partnership with LetsGetChecked started in September 2020 as part of an ongoing effort to help protect customer health and safety, inspire confidence in air travel and advance the industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This edition of American Minute explains how at-home testing works.

To request a testing kit, members can call AAdvantage Customer Service at 800-882-8880 and redeem 12,000 miles. In order to receive results in time for travel, kits must be requested at least 10 business days before departure.


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