Check your AA tickets – schedule changes overnight for June and July

American appears to have updated a large part of its schedule for June and July overnight.

My flights have been retimed +/- 2 hours in some cases, some planes have become one cabin only, and others have been cancelled altogether with mis-connects created that AA’s systems cannot fix.

I’ve spent about an hour on the phone with AA asking for refunds or rebookings. Of course, I had planned what I wanted them to do in advance so that it was options rather than theirs that were on the ticket.

All being said, I’ve ended up in Coach on a number of Business tickets as a result of smaller planes and on some planes there were no seats left to change to when various flights were merged in to one.

Of course, there is no guarantee that there won’t be more changes, but this feels like a lot of change overnight.

Check your tickets!


  1. My lax-phl-ath flight got changed via JFK. So my biz seats got a much better upgrade on the transcon! Very happy on my end.

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