BA offering cheap COVID tests to take abroad

British Airways announced a new partnership with Qured to purchase lateral flow tests before you leave the UK and then to take the test (under supervision on a video chat) before you leave to return to the UK.

a box of test kit and needles

The cost is only £33. Interestingly the Qured web site mentions the cost as £39, there is a BA discount code BATRAVEL15.

This works because the UK accepts the lateral flow test, which many countries do not.

This price compares very well with the cost of standalone test in comparison to PCR or LAMP tests taken locally abroad, which are often around US$100 or more.

Results of the Qured test is available in twenty minutes, after the end of the video call.

I did one of these calls (with a different company) when I came back to the UK this week and they consist of an agent watching you to ensure that the test is being done properly and to answer any questions about what to do after the test is done.

Of course there is a risk that the UK Government changes the rules around these tests whilst you are abroad.

BA offers discounts at a number of providers and more details can be found here.

Qured offer other tests, but some (the PCR test) require you to drop them off at a courier company office rather than posting. They also offer an in-person test for £70 more than the £99 cost for the PCR test itself. They also offer Test-to-Release tests for £99.

a man sitting at a table with a pipette

This does seem to be a cost effective way to allow for a test although the ten day quarantine on return, or the compulsory government sponsored accommodation are still deterring people from travel.