The connection between Terminals 2 and 1 at San Francisco (SFO)

American and USAirways still operate out of two separate, although adjacent, terminals at San Francisco International Airport.  Some years ago SFO built a connection between the domestic gates for United and the International Terminal. All of this to avoid having to go through the TSA again!

Well, SFO has stepped up again and built a connection between Terminals 1 and 2 to allow AA’s travellers to connect more easily. Note the connector does not go to the low numbered gates in Terminal 1. To get there you need to follow the connector and then exit security in T1.

The entrance is located to the right of security in Terminal 2, diagonally opposite the Admirals Club behind the pillar and plants in the picture below.

a man climbing on a wall in a building


The walkway works in both directions and I left the Admirals Club to go to US and so I went from T2 to T1. The TSA staff are familiar with passengers going to the Admirals Club but having T1 departing flights and it doesn’t cause a problem if you access security in T2.



The walkway zig-zags around the terminal and there are some seats dotted about. It seems to have become a bit of a haven for airline staff and crews to have a rest away from the madness of the terminal.




The corridor has big picture windows and you can usually watch the planes as they land on the North/South runway from here so for plane spotters it is a good location. It is wide enough for a golf cart although I didn’t see one on my early Sunday morning visit.







As you emerge in to Terminal 1 it is clear how old the terminal is in comparison to Terminal 2.



USAirways has gates right at the end of the Terminal, so allow an extra 5-10 minutes for the walk which probably takes 15-20 from Admirals Club to Gate.

Connections are much easier now – for a while AA/US had a bus and this is simpler.


  1. Hi Miles,

    Great informational article about SFO. I think this could clear up any confusion for travelers and make their travels easier.

    Just a heads up, the images are upside down.


  2. Thanks for the heads up! They need to connect T2 with T3 now…

    And btw, your pictures are rendering upside down.

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