More details of UK quarantine arrangements dribble out

Considerable speculation on what will actually happen when the UK launches its compulsory hotel-based quarantine arrangements. I wrote about initial leaked information this morning.

Since then more UK newspapers have published details of what is happening:

  • hotels were approached only yesterday with a requirement to complete tender documents within 24 hours.
  • the Government will pay the hotels and then recover costs from the passengers – £50 – £80 per night is being quoted to include 3 meals per day
  • a range of rooms and properties are being considered to allow passengers to choose how much they want to pay
  • sites are being looked at near Heathrow, Gatwick, the Eurostar Terminal at St. Pancras, Birmingham, Belfast and Glasgow airports. They are also looking for hotels near ferry terminals.
  • Security Guards will be deployed on each floor but the Police will be involved in detaining and returning absconders
  • Hotels are reported to have concerns that they would have to cancel any existing booking they may have
  • Airports and Bus operators have only been contacted in general terms in the past few days

Changes to the red-list of countries will be kept under monitor to make sure they match the risk, ministers say.


  1. Still going to be interesting to see if this mandate affects cruise passengers embarking & disembarking in the U.K….going to more interesting to see how ling this mandate stays in effect.

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