Are other changes coming to the UK quarantine arrangements?

In the past few days the UK Government has been leaking details of its ‘plans’ for hotel quarantine for passengers coming from 33 ‘red-list’ countries.

There now, however, seems to be plans for other changes which will impact those who travellers coming to the UK who are not coming from a ‘red-list’ country.

At the moment, those arriving from abroad (save for a small number of acceptable countries) must quarantine at home for 10 days or may take a test on the 5th full day, and if negative, can self release after the result is known to be negative.

God Save The Points suggests that this early release scheme may be abolished next week. This is supported by The Guardian newspaper who also suggests that Test and Release as the scheme is know will be gone on 15 Feb and two tests, at days 2 and 8 will be required instead with the full 10 day quarantine needed regardless of whether either test is negative. Positive test results in the normal UK quarantine measures. The test regime at 2 and 8 days will be imposed for those staying in the quarantine hotels also.

This is significant change and adds significant additional costs to travellers who already have to secure a negative test within three days of leaving abroad. Full details, I am sure, will be published or leaked next week.