UK rules out ‘Vaccination Passports’

One potential solution to the problem of travel is being suggested by airlines and accepted by some countries – vaccination passports.

Most people who have received the COVID-19 vaccination are still required to take a COVID test before travel, if that travel is allowed. However, some countries, Greece for example, have suggested that proving you have been vaccinated would be enough for admission to the country.

Airlines have been pressing for some form of passport to start international travel again.

However, the UK Government has advised that it would not be participating, nor supporting the move. They have referred people to their doctor if they want proof of vaccination.

A disappointing move from a Government that has so far delivered the highest mortality rate of any country in the world. However, it does play in to their desire to keep Brits at home so they can help the hard pressed post-Brexit economy. Exports to the EU have fallen by over 60% since we left the EU.


  1. Completely agree with the earlier comment that it is logical for UK business never mind just the leisure travel aspect. Sad to see no UK government forward thinking on vaccination passports of some credible form.

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