Details of UK’s Quarantine arrangements becoming clearer

Overnight it seems that the UK Governments plans for compulsory quarantine in airport hotels, for passengers arriving from 33 ‘red-list’ countries are becoming clearer.

Starting on February 15th (ten days from now), UK Nationals arriving from one of the specified countries will have to self-isolate, at their cost, in a hotel selected by the UK Government. The list of ‘red-list’ countries consists of southern Africa, South America, the UAE and Portugal. At the moment. Non-UK nationals are already forbidden from arriving from these locations and direct flights from them have been suspended.

The estimate is that around 1,400 passengers per day will need to be accommodated, although some UK newspapers are reporting that hotels have yet to be booked.

The delays, it appears, are around obtaining security and insurance at the hotels. People wishing to smoke will need to be escorted outside so that they do no abscond.

The estimated cost is between £800 – £1000 (for 11 nights) and will include meals delivered to the bedroom doors. The plans will stay in place until at least the end of March 2021.