Is the UK on-arrival quarantine about to come to a (partial) end?

The UK press is trailing a change to the current self-isolation immigration required for arrivals in to the UK. Currently anyone arriving has to quarantine for two weeks at a pre-registered address given on arrival. Oddly it’s cheaper to be found away from the registered address in Scotland than in England.

So what’s changing with Priti Patel’s badly conceived quarantine?

It seems that from 6 July people arriving from some countries will not have to spend two weeks in their home. The approved list of countries is alleged to be:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Belgium
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Norway


But not Portugal, Sweden, US or Canada.

Countries are to be assigned traffic light colours dependent on infection rates – red, amber and green. Travel will be allowed to amber and green countries.

The Government advice not to undertake any non-essential travel is to be changed, reactivating travel insurance which is a major concern amongst potential travellers.

Of course, there is an assumption that countries accepted to the UK list will allow visitors to their countries to enter without a quarantine.

Suggestions are being made that because of the UK’s desperation for a trade deal with the US, it might get approved despite its high case level of COVID-19.

The plan apparently is that ALL travellers will have to hand over addresses for their stay in the UK, regardless of origin – presumably by registering on the UK Gov web site.

Let’s see what turns up when the Government actually says something rather than just testing the water with the UK Press.



  1. Glad at least they are lifting this, obviously a U-turn, but I am glad the same! They should have not done it so in the first place…not with France that has less cases that we have here. Anyways, the travel industry might be able to sell some last – minute trips if the FO finally changes it’s advice to non-essential travel.

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