UK Home Secretary pours cold water on travel plans

The UK press is reporting that, whilst the UK Government may change travel advise next week, they don’t appear to have told the countries that the Brits want to visit.

The poorly conceived quarantine came as part of Ms Patel’s mantra that everything bad came from abroad. It came too little and too late to have any impact on UK COVID-19 cases, which were already out of control by the time it was introduced. Her interview can be seen here.

There is a rumoured list of countries fitting in to the Red, Green and Amber categories. Green and Amber countries will not require returning visitors to quarantine for 14 days. Although the ‘jet bridges’ which allow travel don’t appear to have been agreed with the country.

Green: Austria, Barbados, Croatia, Germany, New Zealand, Greece, Thailand and Vietnam

Amber: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Spain.

Amber countries could have the 14 days quarantine on arrival in the UK reimposed due to the rate of infections.

Red: USA, China, Brazil, and most of the rest of the world.



  1. How in the hell is Japan amber (I think we had 100 cases in the entire country yesterday)? Also when do the UK government expect Japan to start letting tourists from Britain come in???

    I’m a permanent resident here, and if I were foolish enough to leave the country at this point, I would only be allowed back in with special permission.

  2. Thank you. Do you know if, after quarantining in UK for the 14 days, can that same American then travel via automobile, to eu, Germany, for work?

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