Face coverings required on Public Transport and Ubers in the UK from 15 June

In the latest phase of undoing the COVID lockdown, the UK Government has introduced new rules for those using public transport and application based cabs, including Uber, Ola, etc.

Face coverings must be worn by everyone, including the drivers of Ubers, Ola etc. If you fail to wear a face covering when getting in to your car, the driver will cancel the trip and you will be charged a cancellation fee. If you driver is not wearing one, you can cancel but have to claim the fee back via the admin teams of the rideshare app.

Trains, tubes and buses will require face coverings also.

There is no clear definition of what counts as a face covering and some masks will be handed out at train stations on Monday, until supplies run out. Uber, however, describes an acceptable face covering as:

  • it covers your face from the bridge of your nose down to your chin

Riders who repeatedly fail to wear masks will be blocked by the app.

Riders are advised to avoid Tubes and Buses between 0545-0815 and 1600-1730 as these are the busiest times.

Riders in rideshares are asked to occupy the rear seats only and to keep windows open to improve air flow whilst air conditioning is not turned on.