BA says no change to legroom for Club Europe

There have been a lot of reports in the UK press that BA is dropping legroom to 29 inches on its A320/A321 planes. Here is the Daily Mail article.

I tweeted BA to ask what they were doing and when there was no reply I chased them.

I did ask specially about Club Europe, but as they have flexible curtains to divide travel classes, I wonder how they plan to manage no change in Club and a change in EuroTraveller?

 a screenshot of a chat



  1. Because the exit row positions are fixed, I am guessing that you can’t add a row of seats in front. Legroom north of the exit remains unchanged, legroom behind shrinks?

  2. Agree with @Raffles. This is how it was before the slimline seats. Seats ahead of the exit will have relatively better space again.

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