Paris CDG to London, by SNCF and Eurostar

CDG Airport

Leaving the Hyatt I took the shuttle back to Charles de Gaulle. The first stop leaves you at Terminal 2 above the TGV station. You have to go down three floors, but there are lifts and escalators.


There are machines to purchase tickets if you need to. I had collected my Eurostar ticket from St. Pancras so didn’t have to find out whether I could collect them here. The Eurostar web site suggests you can.

There are coffee machines on the concourse and snack machines also. There are ticket offices for SNCF services and local services to Paris. These leave from different platforms to the TGV services.

Around the waiting area are signs which show the trains coming and going at the station. Check the right screen (blue for departures and green for arrivals). The platforms are divided in to North and South gates (Porte).


Some trains go to more than one location as they are really two trains that are joined together. Go to the N or S as needed. Check the platform numbers and you exit via the glass doors below.

Charles De Gaulle Airport

The platforms are accessible by lift and escalators. Once on the platform check for one of the signs that show where your carriage is located along the platform:


I was in Coach 12 so needed to be near section H.

The train running to Lille had and upstairs and a downstairs, which we don’t have in the UK, so it was something of a novelty.



Once inside I quickly found my single seat on the lower deck:

IMG_0688 IMG_0689

Having purchased a Standard Premier ticket I was booked in First Class on the TV. The seats were large and comfortable and had decent leg room and a power socket. (No WiFi).

Tickets were checked on the train and about an hour later we pulled in to Lille where you change trains for the Eurostar. The coach I was in stopped close to the escalator and upon arriving at the top I was at the check-in for the Eurostar. Lots of staff were there to help as you have to put your ticket through the reader.

Eurostar At Lille

After going through two passport controls you reach airport-style security for a bag check. There was no delay and I was through in to the holding area fairly quickly.

IMG_1819 Eurostar at Lille

A small shop, some loos and seating were all that was here. After about 20 minutes we were called to the platform via the door at the end, shown above, and down an escalator. Staff directed people to where their coach would be on the platform. Fairly soon the Eurostar train pulled in and I hopped aboard.

Arriving from Paris on a Sunday afternoon it was full in my coach with my seat being the only unoccupied one. Passengers, assuming it was empty had filled the space above my seat so it was hard to find somewhere to place the rucksack.

A few minute later we left for London. Staff came by and offered me food and drinks; passengers from Paris were finishing theirs by Lille.

This was the salmon:


Red and White wine were offered as were soft drinks and coffee.

We entered the Tunnel without incident. I noticed only one person trying to climb the fence on the French side. There was security by the mouth of the tunnel as there has been attempts to enter in on previous days.

On arrival at St. Pancras everyone has to exit the station via the front of the platform passing UK Customs on the lower level. This took about ten minutes as my coach was at the back of the train.

All around a stress free trip – competitive with a plane for time as I live 10 minutes away on the tube from St. Pancras.


  1. The small Relay store after security is new in Lille, as part of the recent slight size upgrade, used to just be vending machines and that was it! No Business Premier lounge either, but you can get through very quickly so I tend to cut it quite a bit finer in Lille than Paris

    If you have time, there’s a big shopping centre (EuraLille) just next to the station, which you can normally see across the plaza from the Eurostar platforms. There’s a Paul there, if you want a decent sandwich, and a huge Carrefour if you want to stock up on French cheese / wine / beer. You can get to the Paul and back in 10 minutes, the Caffefour often has terrible queues so you need to allow longer.

    On a long layover, you’re a 20 minute walk from Vieux Lille, which has loads of nice bars and restaurants 🙂

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