If you are a United Mileage Plus member, check your account, there could be a surprise

There is a long thread on Flyertalk.com with dozens of readers reporting that they have received status bumps from United today. Some have received free Economy Plus upgrade subscriptions too.

It appears that those reporting a change, members who were Silver are now Gold, Gold’s became Platinum and Platinum went to be 1K’s. Of course 1K’s got nothing and foreign based elites seem to be excluded too.

Some people are reporting that they got the status upgrades despite not having flown for several years, to the lowest Silver level.

It might be worth logging in to your account today to see if you were lucky.

United replied on Twitter that they had done all their upgrades yesterday so whether there will be another day of bounty I don’t know.


  1. Bumped silver to gold. Greedy me wished it was a week earlier so I could have been upgraded to business to Tokyo 4 days ago.

  2. I got bumped from Platinum to 1K. I probably would have only made Gold this year on my own. I”m appreciative of the gift but sympathetic to all the real 1Ks who actually earned their status, who have just had their benefits essentially devalued by lots of new competition for complimentary upgrades.

  3. I used to be a gold with United and now I’m nothing. I checked this morning and still nothing. Oh well.

  4. I worked hard to achieve 1K last year. I was Platinum for a few years. Last year I moved all of my air travel to United even when it was extremely inconvenient and many times more expensive.
    This is how they repay me for my loyalty? Now I have to compete with “freeloaders” who “earned” 1K through some promo.

    Dear United,
    I’m outta here!

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