Trip Report: London City to Milan, Alitalia Business Class

London City to Milan

I was lucky to be one of the first on to the EMB-180 that was scheduled to take me to Milan from London City Airport. The 2-2 config applied throughout the plane. There were only two rows of Business Class, and although the seats were the same as in Economy, there was massive leg room in row 1.

As there were only 3 passengers booked in Business Class we managed to spread out, with me having the two seats on the D-F side in Row 1.

There was plenty of overhead space, and jackets were taken and hung by one of the two crew working the flight.

Whilst we waited for take off there were great views of aircraft taxing to the take off point for the easterly runway.

BA at LCY IMG_0972 IMG_0976

Shortly after take-off a hot meal – cheese ravioli with olives in a tomato sauce – with a warm roll, salad and milk based dessert.

London City to Milan

Red and white wines were offered from full size bottles with top-ups offered. The crew went off to assist with the other passengers drinks after Business Class had its meal. The main course was tasty and just enough for the short, 90 minute flight.

At some point I looked out of the window and saw we were over the Alps.

London City to Milan

We started out approach a little later and landed in Milan about 30 minutes early. Unfortunately we, as many planes, had a remote stand and had to be bussed to the Terminal. Only one bus was provided so we had to wait for the slowest passenger to get off before we started the journey to the terminal. Once the bus doors open passengers ran towards the terminal and quickly saw why. Just one EU and one non-EU immigration officer was on duty meaning that if you were at the back the wait would have been considerable.

Luckily I was through in about 10 minutes and with no baggage just had to walk the length of the baggage hall to exit Customs. Once outside, I went up a flight of stairs to reach my connecting flight to Rome.

I booked the ticket to ticket when Alitalia had a special discount and so paid around £100 more than the economy ticket for the same trip.

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