Off to Hawaii – Thanksgiving mileage run

Thanksgiving trip

I’ll be flying around 18,000 miles over the Thanksgiving weekend – but carefully avoiding the busy Wednesday travel day hell that I know US airports can endure. I start modestly on Wednesday evening by an overnight in Dublin before returning to London and connecting to JFK.

Having decided to pace myself I am staying at JFK for one night before the long trip via Phoenix to Honolulu. Getting in to HNL on Black Friday and planning to hit Macy’s at the Ala Moana centre late in the afternoon.

Two days at the Hyatt Regency and then back to LAX, overnighting there before travelling back through JFK again, on the BA service to London City Airport, connecting to Dublin and then back to London.

It’s a route I have taken before and I know its stresses and strains. Hoping for TSA PreCheck at each starting point, a couple of pleasant lounge stays and ultimately a sunny couple of days in Hawaii.

If you have tips or suggestions for me along the way do send them along. I shall be trying to do a bit of a live trip report where I can – getting up reviews as quickly as possible whilst I wend my way westwards.

This is what I shall be waiting for:

Hyatt Regency Waikiki -

I have a lot of readers based in the US so I would like to wish all of you the very best for Thanksgiving.


  1. Have a great trip.

    If you have a companion you are traveling with here’s a place worth getting a reservation for:

    From SFO777’s blog:

    If you have a car do try to check out the North Shore. You can visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation while you are up there…also do a search for the food carts up on the north shore – it’s an interesting mix of good food for lunch.

    If you’re looking to beat jetlag and you are up early you can walk from the Hyatt towards the Aquarium and then do a circle walk/run around the base of Diamond Head. It’s probably about 6.5 miles round trip from the Hyatt….good to do if you are up at 430am (since your body will be on Europe time) and want something healthy to do.

    Safe travels!

  2. How much was your overall ticket if you dont mind me asking you? Need to do something similar for AA!

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