Just the most helpful BA agent I have ever encountered.

BA Executive Club Gold Card

Last Saturday I had to call the BA Gold Guest List line for assistance with a booking. The hold time was perhaps 15 seconds. The agent went through the booking to check my flights were all booked properly, confirmed arrival and departure times, checked minimum connecting times and the fare I had been quoted. All set she asked, ‘Once we’ve issued this would you like me to for upgrade space to use your Gold Voucher?’

Excuse me? Was she proactively offering to help me with an upgrade?

She went on to explain that my ability as a GGL to force a reward seat extended to upgrades, even using my Gold Upgrade certificates.

Why didn’t I know that?

She also explained that when I reached 6,000 Tier Points (‘if’ perhaps is more appropriate), I would get another GGL redemption but that their system doesn’t add this automatically so I have to call for it to be added by the back office staff. That’s useful to know, and hope it will help a reader too.

So, all ticketed, she popped in to the system, opened the space for an upgrade, queued it for re-ticketing and then chatted some more about what happens at higher tier point levels – 7,000 and 8,000 and 9,000. It was a great way to pass the time waiting for ticketing. She also warned that sometime the Tier Points and miles don’t post properly when they open space, so I just need to call back when I’ve flown and they can fix it.

Anyway, I was delighted – it was a master class in GGL and done in a really lovely way.

I thanked her, took her information so I could send her my Golden Ticket as the service was superb.

Two minutes later my mobile rings – ‘Hello, it’s xxxx from British Airways again and I wasn’t sure whether you knew that you can become a Hilton Diamond as a GGL’. Blew me away – proactive service.

BA Golden Ticket

Anyone else had memorable service from BA recently?


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