What happens when a Swiss A320 goes flying with the Swiss Air Display Team

Patrouille Suisse and Swiss A320
Swiss airlines published two great videos showing what happened when their A320 joined up with the national display aerobatics team (Patrouille Suisse) to go flying in the Alps. There are some spectacular shots in both videos and I hope you will consider having a look. Beautiful scenery and great flying.

Patrouille Suisse and Swiss A320

Well worth five minutes I think.


  1. This brought the specialness of Switzerland to me once more and a breaze ran through me at my computer desk as though I was in-midst of the doings high up over this unique landscape.

  2. The uniqueness of the Swiss landscape – expanses of snow and mountains and the majesty of that unique landscape grasp one with maarveling at the pure beauty, overwhelming the pure mortal with its uniqueness.

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