Parc 55 San Francisco becomes a Hilton


Hilton yesterday announced that they had acquired this centrally located property in San Francisco. In the background of the image above you can see the Hilton San Francisco which is just a few blocks away from the newly acquired property. Located right next to a BART station and the end of the cable car, it is a prime tourist location.

Parc 55 San Francisco a Hilton Hotel is the new name.

1,024 rooms are in the hotel and this brings Hiltons room capacity in the city to nearly 3,000 rooms. I can see this being a very attractive venue for conferences who can split delegates between the two Hilton hotels.

Bookings on the Hilton web site are available now. A check of weekend room rates showed the cheapest room at $179, with AARP rates of $170 and Double HHonors Points rates of $193. There appears not to be an Executive Lounge.