So just how many Hyatt’s have you stayed with?

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For some time Hyatt has been awarding, on a targeted basis, a free night to selected members who stay at specific numbers of properties. The exact way by which Hyatt chooses who receives these free nights and who doesn’t is unknown. It is known that typically 25, 50 or 75 different properties can trigger the award. (I’ve never had one).

If you want to see how close you are, Hyatt lets you access your stay history for the previous 5 whole years – so just at the moment you can go back to January 2010. The careful use of cut and paste from the web site to Excel and then the generation of a pivot table allowed me to calculate that my rough number of properties is 60. I am sure that it is higher than this as I have stayed at some properties which are no longer Hyatt’s in the period before 2009. These don’t appear on the list and you cannot access them.

My breakdown is as follows:

Hyatt stays chart

Of course the Mandalay Bay doesn’t count as it’s not a Hyatt, so that’s 59. The Concourse at LAX probably doesn’t count either as its an affiliate hotel so really it’s 58. The missing two I remember are the Hyatt Regency Sydney and a Hyatt in Chicago just south of the loop which is no longer there. Hyatt Regency Kansas City, where I used to stay rebranded a few years ago. So that seems to make 61 about right.


Have you received a free night for crossing a number of properties with Hyatt?
If not what’s your total?


  1. No 25/50 here. And I am somewhere in the high 50 range and a previous long time Diamond member. After the 50K United gift and all of the other targeted gifts, which I am 0/6 for, I decided to ditch Hyatt for most of my corporate stays and move over to SPG / HHonors. Talk about a loyalty program fail.

  2. Interesting to me that you’d post this today as just yesterday I received an email from Hyatt. It told me I had been to 25 different Hyatts, awarded me 5000 points and also provided a map with stars at each location. Kind of cool.

  3. Got a free night at 50 about a year and a half ago right before they switched to points. Approaching 75 soon!

  4. I’m at 104 (dating back to 1998). I’ve never heard anything from Hyatt, but that’s okay too.

  5. Coincidentally, I’m sitting in a Hyatt where I spend 40 days a year. Another has me for 30 nights. But over the months and years, I get around. And Hyatt’s my “top” program. (Not the most nights, just first choice.)

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