If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, I hope you’re playing this Facebook game


MGM hotels have a slew of hotels in Las Vegas, and a pretty simple way to save money. Like or loathe Facebook games the free MGM game can give you some real value if you are planning a trip to Vegas.

Search for myVEGAS slots within Facebook to join up.

You earn points which you in turn use in their games, most of which are slots. You also earn Loyalty Points depending on how much you bet. It’s these points which you can cash in for prizes to be used at MGM’s properties in Vegas. Many require to be used in conjunction with an overnight stay at the property. Remembering that MGM is also the Hyatt partner, this can be pretty easy to achieve.

Some prizes can be used off property – for example on the Monorail – but are typically buy-one-get-one-free deals. However, for two adults this can represent a real saving.

Some examples:




Most awards require you to cash your points in online, receive a code and then present it at the casino to be added to your player card. This worked fine for me last year when I stayed at the Mandalay Bay for BACON 2. This worked fine even though I live outside the US.

With a little bit of game play you can earn some cash off in Vegas, baby.



  1. When US Air had $81 return tickets from PHL to LAS, I did three mile runs, each requiring an overnight stay. I was able to use this app for free nights at Mandalay Bay and Circus Circus, along with free buffets at Luxor, Mandalay Bay and Circus Circus. I was even able to get a few free drinks with the spare points I had left. For most of these mile-runs, the only money I had to pay out-of-pocket was cab fare.

    If you are willing to go during the winter, or midweek, there are great redemption options for hotels (called “Bonus” or “Winter Bonus” dates).

    The one caveat is that you can only make 3 redemptions in a 30 day period, so plan accordingly. Also, some redemptions require that you be a guest at an MGM property. They make it clear when this is a requirement, and it doesn’t matter if you are paying cash or myVegas points for the room in order to meet the requirement.

  2. I played it for a bit, then visited Vegas twice in a short time…

    I found the price for free rooms was far too much.

    I thought a 2 for 1 on Zarkana was good. I was supposed to phone to redeem the voucher, and by then I’d looked and found a far better deal simply from a bit of an advance order for the website…

    Only one I actually used was 2-for-1 buffett at the Mirage.

    I don’t play it anymore. The points vs the rewards vs time wasn’t particularly great. And the app seemed buggy, seemed to be failing to load and click properties last time I visited it…

  3. Just redeemed 3 rewards this past weekend for buy 1 get 1 Beatles Love show tickets ($120 savings), buy 1 get 1 buffet ($35 savings), and free app ($10 savings).

    All for a few minutes a day for about a month playing the game.

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