What I learned at Houston.

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I travelled back to the US from Argentina yesterday and having secured TSA Precheck on the Boarding pass was hoping to breeze through at Houston.

The good news is that the Global Entry kiosks are right at the bottom of the escalators where you arrive in the Immigration Hall. The queues were pretty long as EZE gets in after Lagos, Rio and Sao Paulo flights.

However, if you follow the signs for connections you cannot access Precheck as there is no Boarding Pass check at this checkpoint. Rather you join the normal lines for connections, and this probably took 30 minutes.

I asked a Three Striper who advised following the exit next time and them coming back upstairs to the normal checkpoint as it has PreCheck.

So I learned something useful yesterday at Houston.



  1. I passed through Houston 2 days ago on an international connection, so I am somewhat familiar with the transit, but I do not understand your post. I think some test is missing?

  2. Had same exp last fall @MIA. NO PRECHECK after intnal entry. I did go upstairs to reg security & breezed thru

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