How much effort would you put in to get TSAPre on your boarding pass?


How much effort do you put in to get this little logo on your boarding passes?

My quandary yesterday was that my ticket for tomorrow with American Airlines was booked using British Airways Avios. BA has this habit of including your BA number on these Avios bookings and it’s jolly hard to change.

At check-in time I checked in using the AA Mobile App, and lo and behold no Pre logo on the mobile boarding pass.

Scratch head….

Let me interject here that I have sometimes had problems with getting PreCheck for AA flights when using my BA Executive Club number where the flight is wholly domestic. These trips don’t usually get TSAPre. However, the minute it’s an international flight and my passport is needed, TSAPre appears.

So I thought I would take a few minutes and see what I could do.

Step 1 – I looked up the booking at Qatar Airways web site and this site allowed me to change the frequent flyer number to my AA one. (The AA account holds my Global Entry number by which I get PreCheck).

Step 2- Waited an hour

Step 3 – Went back to the mobile app and looked up the Boarding Pass – again no PreCheck.

Step 4 – So back to the web site and generated new Boarding Passes which I emailed to myself. These had the all important logo on them. Success!

Step 5 – Deleted and recreated the Boarding Pass on the mobile app, still no PreCheck.

So, at least now I have a printed boarding pass with PreCheck on which I hope will work at Security.

Oh, one other thing, AA won’t let me check in for my connection from Chicago to London. But hey, I’ve got the TSA tick and am happy.

Is this too much work to get PreCheck?


  1. I spent waaay too much time on this last week on an Avios award with AA travel. No tsapre love. I think the issue for me is that my Avios account had my incorrect DOB. I’ve fixed that now…hopefully it will be better in future bookings. BTW is my record changer of choice.

  2. In my opinion, no. I do the same type of thing when I don’t get it. I have Global Entry and have called airlines to make sure my known traveler number is in my reservation when I have not gotten pre check.

  3. I think that’s a lot of effort, you are spending more time trying to get TSAPre then you would spend in normal security. I was recently at LAX with a regular boarding pass, and they sent me and about 10 other people over to the pre line anyway cause we got lucky and it wasnt too busy that day. Normal security IMO is not as time-consuming as it used to be. Right after 9/11, yea it was insane. Waited two hours in Vegas once for a 50 minute flight. Nowadays though even a bad day at the busiest airports, such as Chicago O’hare, only takes about 25 minutes max.

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