United Club, Seattle

I haven’t been to Seattle since United relocated its operations to the newer A Gates.

My first international flight was from London to Seattle, on the old 747-SP. I loved that aircarft and quite enjoyed connecting through the old N gates at Seattle. Long gone is the Red Carpet Club just off the concourse, and its replacements under the stairs which was much larger.

There is a new style United Club near the gates at A9. It’s large, airy and VERY bright. Located on the first floor overlooking A9 on one side and the cruise line coach parking on the other, it is a pleasant surprise.

There is the usual selection of cereals, bagels, muffins and snacks as well as the Coffee Machines that seem to be everywhere. Orange Juice is available on the bar.

Not sure whether this a specific issue to Seattle, but there were signs like this everywhere:

I was there several times over the week and each time the staff were helpful and friendly. During my delay on the way to SFO, the staff protected me on a later flight, arranged to have me met at SFO to be transferred to the connecting flight. (This last part didn’t happen, but they tried).

Overall, a nice lounge that never felt overly busy but bear in mind that I was not there when the Tokyo flight was leaving and I suspect that would have made it very busy.



  1. Th feet signs are in all the Clubs now as its quite an issue. Even with the sign in PDX, there was a lady with her feet on the table, sigh…

  2. Gross. I was quite disappointed to see these signs in various UA clubs lately. People, you were probably not born in a barn.

    I’d like to see something similar airborne i.e. “please do not walk around barefoot” and “please confine your farting to the lavatory.” Not going to happen.

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