A taste of TSA PreCheck at SEA last Saturday

I was travelling from Seattle last Saturday and arrived fairly early as there had been horrid queues earlier in the week when additional PreCheck lines had been introduced, according to the local news at least.

I approach the lines looking for the First Class/Elite Line and could not locate the sign.

On approaching the podium I was sent to the right next to the PreCheck line. There was hardly anyone in the ‘normal’ line but as this was the ‘elite line’ a few days earlier I went along. About half way along I had my hands swabbed and tested whilst still in the line. About every other passenger had the same thing happen. I had shown my UK passport and boarding pass so the TSA knew I was not eligible for PreCheck and there was no logo on my boarding pass.

As I go to the waiting part of the line, a TSA Agent explained that we did not need to take out laptops or liquids or take off our shoes. I set off the alarm and was asked to step back, remove my belt and then try again. Second time lucky.

So it seems that I had a taste of PreCheck – and I liked it. (To put it mildly!)