Privium price increases from 1 October 2013

As of 1 October, the price of Privium Plus and Partner memberships will be adjusted for inflation.

  • Plus membership: € 205
  • Basic membership: € 121
  • Partner membership: € 75

My review of the Privium Lounge from last year is here.!i=2490887215&k=bJ8j9h8&lb=1&s=A



  1. €205 sounds like a lot of money when you don’t travel through Schiphol on a very regular basis but having read your review of the Privium lounge I have to say that it looks really good.

    I wonder what percentage of travellers use the Privium lounge instead of the airline lounge when they’ve got access to it (business class or elite status)?

  2. The Privium lounge looks a far more attractive offering than BA’s little shed. Not sure that plus the iris scanning gates is enough to sway me though!

  3. It is becoming more and more expensive for no good reason.
    The lounge is not bad – when it’s open… (it closes at 20:30 and it’s closed on Saturdays).
    I completely don’t get why they are closed on Saturdays – what’s the point ? many people fly Saturdays – also business travellers.
    €205 is a lot – I believe they are going to see lot’s of cancellations.

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