Eurostar announces direct service from London to Amsterdam, from 2016


In December 2016 (!) you will be able to travel from London to Amsterdam non-stop.

The Press Release indicates that the service will run from London to Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Schipol and then Amsterdam Central. The journey time is estimated at 4 hours.

As I live close to the departure point for the Eurostar in London, this would be quite a good way to get to Amsterdam. Of course, ticket prices and timings will be key to the success of the new route.

At present you can use both Avios and American Express Membership Rewards points to get tickets, or of course, pay for them in one of their regular sales.



  1. 2016 feels like such a long way off. The delay is due to the delayed delivery of the new Eurostar trains – the trains they currently use can’t run on the highspeed tracks in the Netherlands (incompatible signalling systems).

    The service will only run twice a day – would it not be more popular if it had increased frequency?

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