So, is it ever alright to use Skype in the lounge?

Travelling yesterday from Heathrow to Chicago and on to Seattle, I got to the airport around 5.30am and headed to the Star Alliance Lounge at Heathrow.

Taking a seat in the corner of the lounge I ‘enjoyed’ the conversations of a gentlemen on Skype on his PC. First to his office and then to his wife. I now know that he cannot attend a friends engagement party, that his wife is going to Delhi to visit friends and that one of his meetings the previous day had been good and the other average.


So I have to ask, is it ever alright to use Skype in the lounge?



  1. It’s much more alright IMO if it’s actually used on a phone (mobile app) and not over speakers on a computer. Judging from the picture, he is not alright.

  2. I’ve used Skype as a phone but not a videoconference, especially with computer speaker aloud.

    Maybe you should’ve photobombed the gentleman.

  3. Yes – perfectly acceptable IF you use a headset and plop yourself in a corner somewhere. With all the traveling my husband and I do on opposite schedules, it’s really nice to be able to “see” him on lounge breaks.

  4. in lounge last month. Guy skyped his wife and kid, then hung up and skyped with his girlfriend…..very awkward

  5. I almost always see this in the Star Lounge in LHR T1. Absolute curse, especially as it is usually in the quiet business section. Last one I heard was about confidential business. I ecen interrupted the speaker to tell him that everyone could hear his confidential business. His solution was just to move away to the food area, near a different group of people.

  6. No! Not on laptop, not on phone. For some reason, people on computers or phones or headsets speak much more loudly than if they were speaking to a person physically next to them and it is a hundred times more annoying to their neighbors. Go off to an unoccupied corner. The people around you should not be forced to hear about your work, your weekend plans or any other part of your life that is of no interest at all to anyone but you and (possibly) your correspondent.

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